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November 16, 2009

A simpler time

  • Stuffing pocketfuls of “Gundumani” at the start of Fall, when the school basketball court was littered with these incredible red beads.
  • Playing cricket with hard rolled-up paper balls, and makeshift bats (Golden Bells, sometimes even a hard-bound Good News Bible)
  • Getting introduced to the cane. Thank you,  Benny & Late Mr. MT Thomas. I never seemed to learn my lesson, whatever it was.
  • SUPW classes (I recall ACTUALLY telling the teacher, quite innocently of course, that it stood for “Some Useful Period Wasted”)
  • Speaking of sports teachers, howzabout Peter Daniels (aka PD aka Nose-picker-extraordinaire)
  • Watching in awe, as the old dilapidated canteen building made way, and the William Carey block took form.
  • Having a crow fly by during lunch break, and relieve itself into the contents of my lunch box.
  • Dressing up as a Tube of Colgate toothpaste for a fancy dress competition in Pre-school.
  • Spitballs from Lawrence (aka Spitfest, spitball, Lorry). I’m still trying to scrub away the memories.
  • Collecting ladybirds in Cheetah Fight matchboxes.
  • Mr. Samson, and PT class.
  • Indianredseeds
  • The late Mr. Francis Joseph, and (God bless his soul) pants worn above the chest.
  • Boys v. Girls, in Kannada class. (Mrs. Aaron)
  • THAT yellow cane. Preparatory class. Miss Dawson.
  • Morning assemblies.
  • Class picnics. Mysore, 1994 … Mrs. Daisy Rani
  • Varghese (aka Vargoose) and Physical Education classes.
  • Mastering Organic Chemistry (Or not) in ISC. That still gives me nightmares.
  • ISC Volleyball.
  • Class couples. No names will be named here 🙂
  • Miss Priya George. Prettiest Bio teacher. EVER.
  • Paulraj, his wife (aunty, to us) and their beloved canteen. Fryums, Anyone ?
  • The incredible story of the “classroom-invading-lunch-eating-monkey”. Std. 4.
  • Easho Jacob “special” assemblies. 1 week. EACH year. Jeez !
  • MINUS marks (Homework/Conduct/Material). HAHAHAAAAAA 🙂
  • Farewell parties, in Std. 10 and 12.
  • Last minute feverish polishing of “black” school shoes by rubbing them against the back of your already dirty khakhi pants.
  • Mr. Pakinathan and his “Rock-music-is-Satanic !!!” scripture classes.
  • Mr. Joseph David, and projectile pieces of chalk thrown your way, in case you were stuck in some awesome daydream.
  • Reaching school late some days, and being forced to stand outside, in the basketball court. (Joke’s on them, they thought standing OUTSIDE was punishment).
  • Clarence inter-school basketball tournament. Every year. Backing our team to chants of  “Jinkalaka, Jinkalaka  …. Ooh Aah, Ooh, Aah”
  • That reminds me ….. ANYONE remember Aslam ?  (Close to 6’6″ . Jordanesque. LEGEND.)
  • Learning to appreciate, perchance, mock Shakespeare. Courtesy Tara Ravindra (aka Tara)
  • Watching Hamlet, in the school auditorium, including certain explicit scenes which she probably didn’t expect to be in there, and giggling away, despite being in, what, 11th Std ?
  • Laporte (aka Clarence’s 1st openly (lets say flamboyant) teacher) and his effeminate charms. (Having a hard time writing this with a straight face) 😀
  • Studying the Dickens epic, “Tale of Two Cities” in 7th standard. (Mrs. Alexander)
  • Insane ISC Mathematics, with Ms. Sunita Jacob (aka SJ). Colossal textbooks, you might recall. I think that class made me what I am.
  • Annual Sports Day. Assaye field. Walk past ? March past ? Did NOT matter. The taunts ringing out from behind those grilled windows of Aloysius College never ceased to amuse. 😉
  • Speech Day & Prize Distribution Day. Man, i could count on being there regardless of how bad I had screwed up my grades, or the record no. of conduct marks. Yes, i could assure my seat there every year, purely on the basis of ….
  • Flack Memorial Scripture Memory Contest. 😀  My calling card.
  • Graduation day. Getting all choked up hearing “Au Lang Syne” at the biggest day in our collective lives.
  • Class clowns. Class toppers. Class backbenchers. Class bunkers. Class acts. Teachers’ pets. There was one of every kind.

Golden memories all. Some things NEVER change.

Clarence (1988-2001)


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